lovely links from around the web

With Thanksgiving approaching, me going back to work (cue the crying), craziness going on in the world, and just overall hustle and bustle of life, the above quote has helped me put things into perspective as of late. I hope it can bring you a moment of peace as well.

Here are a few links I loved over the past week:

  • 13 Hacks that will make you more productive Thank you Cricket’s Circle for this one! While we are adjusting to life with another addition, Number 8 certainly rang true- No one wins the Misery Olympics.
  • 21 Charts that help you get in shape This Buzzfeed list is a great one-some of them are ridiculously sarcastic, but a few keepers (The nut milk and butter one should be hanging in my kitchen!)
  • Mermaid Blankets I wish I had this when I was growing up. Would of definitely been on my list to Santa.
  • The NY Times Thanksgiving Guide I have been playing with this all week and exploring traditional Thanksgiving recipes as well as some more modern ones.
  • Liz’s Favorite Things As the Holiday Gift Guides are beginning to flood the internet and blog worlds, I loved taking a peek at some of the things Liz from Sequin’s and Stripes would be putting on her list (and mine too!).
  • Dogs Doing Yoga Because I double dare you not to laugh at a Shih Tzu doing their downward dog better than you can.



Enjoy! I plan on finding a Thanksgiving outfit for the little man (funny how all shopping now revolves around him!) Janie and Jack have a few items I have my eye on. Have a wonderful weekend!

XO Hil

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