Motherhood Monday

If there was one item you would have told me I would need and love for my newborn, a highchair would not have been the item that came to mind. Yes, it is something we WOULD eventually need. But to think it would be one of the places that my little man spends so much time at the mere age of 2 months, while Mommy can actually make a cup of coffee, fold a load of laundry, or dare I even say it…catch up on her morning news?! So if your in the market anytime soon (or maybe you have a newborn at home and thought the highchair could be placed on the wait list) let me just take a minute to rave about the Peg Perego Prima Pappa zero 3.

Hanging With Mom
Hanging With Mom

This highchair is unbelievable. Peg Perego is master at combining design and ease while being really high quality. We also own the Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat from them and love it just as much. The Prima Pappa comes in an array of colors and designs and is super easy to clean. It has 7 different height adjustments and 5 different reclines, allowing babies (as young as newborn) to lay back and relax (or nap), or to sit upright and watch Mom and Dad as they enjoy a few bites of dinner. It is light, its wheels are extremely mobile, it folds and stores upright- not taking up too much room when not in use, and when your little one is ready to play around with that delicious steamed kale (or bananas) that you made him during baby food prep, the tray has a one hand removal technique. I can’t wait for him to get his little paws all over that tray and play with his food! It also comes at a great price point. Here is a pic of it in one of Beauden’s favorite inclines:

Peg Perego prima Pappa zero 3 in Black Gingham Print
Peg Perego prima Pappa zero 3 in Black Gingham Print

So whether your just starting your baby registry or starting to rethink that bulky highchair you have stowed until baby is sitting up on his own, let me redirect you to this find: Peg Perego Highchair

Xo Hil

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