mommy mornings…

As I lay my little one down to bed and tiptoe oh so gently out of his room, I begin to pray for some solid sleep. Some nights are better than others, but I should certainly be counting my blessings (and sheep!) that he has been at least giving us on average a solid 5 hours. I know many would frown upon that in the nursing world, but what works for us is just that. He is healthy, gaining weight, and nursing solidly throughout the day.

Mornings roll around, and one of my favorite moments is around the 7 AM wakeup, when I go into his room and find him full of smiles and so excited to start his day. It is truly one of the greatest feelings in the world. Very soon after a quick change, nursing, and some playtime, Mommy is certainly dreaming about her coffee #thankyoustarbucks. I usually turn on The Today Show, maybe try to fold a quick load of laundry, take something out from freezer to defrost for dinner, and play with the little man. Before I know it, noon time has rolled around and I am still in a bathrobe and have yet to consumer a substantial breakfast (or meal for that matter). Which as a nursing mom, we all know is a big no-no.

So here is where comes in some skepticism. Few weeks ago, a friend from back home was creating a group of people to try Shakeology for 6 days (sampler pack of all the flavors). I normally am not into some of these shake and nutritional things (Advocare, Herbalife, etc) but at the same time I knew I desperately needed something to help get my mornings off to a better nutritional start, but at the same time was easy and not time consuming. This friend is someone who I admire and trust, as she is also a fellow mom, crossfit enthusiast, and above all a FREEKING CANCER SURVIVOR. She kicks butt. So I gave it a whirl. And you know what. I liked it. After 6 days, I asked her to try few more days worth just to confirm. And you know what? I liked it more! So here I am a few weeks later, a Shakeology fan. I ordered the 30 day supply and am excited to try some new recipes. And even cooler- We have a new group starting on Facebook of exactly what I got into to start!

Link below
Link below

Here is what is awesome about it…Have you been thinking about trying Shakeology but have hesitated because you’re not sure if you’ll like it and don’t want to end up with another bag of half-used product on top of the fridge? Or wondering what flavor you may favor?

Then this is totally something to try and take advantage of our sampler pack which sends Shakeology’s 6 different flavors for only $30. It is a great opportunity to give something a try for a week before totally diving in. If your interested, comment below! Also, here is the link to order a 6 day sampler- and if your interested in joining our group (we share recipes, healthy tips, and a few laughs) let me know and I will send you a link to that also 🙂 I am totally not one to advertise something, but truly this stuff has been GREAT as a new mom!

Here is the link to try the sampler–> Shakeology Sampler!

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