Lovely Links and Favorite Finds from around the Web

The weekend is here. This very well could be my last weekend sans- baby. Due date is officially tomorrow so we will see what the next few days bring for us. We spent some time at the beach yesterday, which was a welcome retreat from baby planning. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…Here are some of my favorite things from around the interwebs this week!!

Sole Society Boucle Sneaks: I am not a sneaker girl. You will find in my closet 2 pairs of Crossfit Sneaks (that have been on a 4 month hiatus) and a cool slip on pair in gray to throw on for the weekend with jeans. But these are such a great balance of style and function and think they are just adorable for fall.

Most popular google search keywords by state: Pretty hysterical. My home state (RI) is clearly run by college kids and my New Yorker’s have me a little nervous with the search terms “Sniffing Glue”?! What?!!

Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover: While I have been on a 9 month shopping spree for baby items, one thing I did not really find that I was crazy about was a nursing cover. I plan on nursing Baby B and all the covers out there just seems so silly looking. I came across this one online and loved that not only is is functional, stylish, covers front, back, and sides….It also is multi-purpose. Mine just came in this week and I cannot wait to use it!

The Parenting Cliché I Cannot Stand: Loved this article. As I head into motherhood, I know I am about to incur a major influx of emotions- guilt being one of them. But it’s important to keep in perspective that Motherhood does not have to be ALL or NOTHING. Like the writer states, “I can enjoy my baby and still wish he would sleep”.

Madewell Mini Skirt and Top: Obsessed with this matchy set. Maybe post maternity?!

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