8 months later…

Its been a while. I sat here this morning enjoying my cup of coffee and went back to the first- AKA  one and only post I had made here on a closet chameleon and I sat back and smiled, really hard. I spoke about the birth of this little baby, the blog itself. But little did I know (and also why there was the major delay and hiatus) I would be giving birth to an actual human being! Right around that first post, I found out we would be expecting (a baby boy as evident by the photo below) and he is due to arrive next weekend. I had wanted so badly to begin this journey of this blog/shared space and was so happy that I finally got off to a first post welcome, but as soon as I confirmed I was indeed pregnant ( Oh and planning a wedding and working full time..) I lost vision and really needed to redirect where I wanted this to go. So here we are 8 months later…(and a few pounds heavier) with a new welcome. A welcome to this page where I want to share all things I love: life, fashion, motherhood, food…and maybe just share some of the daily frustrations of it all at the same time. And last but not least a welcome to our baby boy …We cannot wait to meet you little one. Stay tuned for more…FullSizeRender

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