a grand welcome to 2015…and a closet chameleon

happy 2015. there is something so refreshing, energizing, and cleansing about a fresh new year. although i normally don’t make some bizarrely-insane-totally out there resolution, i do try to reflect and create goals for the year ahead. small and manageable things such as read more for pleasure, travel more and travel smart, try to carry cash (i am ALWAYS the girl with no cash on her), go meatless one full day a week, snap more photos, take one hour a week to organize my car (a constant mess)…you get the idea. but this year was a little different. usually these things jump out at me. and don’t get me wrong i have not become perfect at being the uber photographer of the group or keeping the car organized. but i had a great past year. i got engaged (yay!), i had a strong year in my career, and i have been brainstorming about the birth of this baby….a closet chameleon. it will be my little nook to share with you my ever evolving, ever changing love of fashion, style, home, health fitness, life, and more. so as i sit and take a moment to celebrate all the shining moments of 2014 and think of what lies ahead in 2015 i have a lot of living, breathing resolutions. but we will keep those secret for now. a girl can’t divulge all her secrets…

xo cheers


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